6. Now let the ironing begin! Use the hot iron to melt the plastic together by ironing over the parchment paper. Stay on the side of the line that’s closer to the parchment paper fold. DO NOT LET THE IRON TOUCH THE PLASTIC DIRECTLY OR ELSE IT WILL BURN HOLES AND TURN INTO A HOT MESS.

7. Let it cool off for a few seconds before opening the parchment paper, and repositioning the plastic sheet. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you’ve completely sealed all of the edges.

8. Cut a small slit into the folded end of the plastic, near one of the corners.

9. Insert your water hose a few feet into the slit. Prop up this corner so the water doesn’t spill while you’re filling up your new blob. It takes about 30 minutes to fill about 8-inches of depth (this will obviously vary greatly depending on the dimensions you chose).

10. Once your blob is filled, remove the hose and quickly seal the slit with duct tape. Alternatively, for even more security, you can use the parchment paper and iron to melt the slit.

11. Now bask in the glory of your new creation! …or just let the children go crazy.

Bonus: add some water on top of the blob for a splashy good time and use some food colouring to make the water really blue!

Hopefully you made your blob large enough for the entire family. It’s not just for kids!

Source: Homemade Toast

No doubt, once your family, friends, and neighbours see this great big blob of amazingness, they’ll want in on the watery action. So make sure you either make your blob extra gigantic or share this guide with them!

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